Kinjutsu: Strong Arm Of Suiten
Kinjutsu - Strong Arm Of Suiten
Type Water Kinjutsu
Level 60
Chakra 300
Damage 549
Cooldown 14
Cost 750 Tokens
Skill None
Training Time Instant
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friend

Reduce 20% combustion chance (4 turns), increase 3 Fire Ninjutsu cool down, reduce 50% damage if player is under 'Kinjutsu: Shark Encampment Shield' status effect. (4 turns)

Additional Effect(s)

Casts Kinjutsu: Strong Arm Of Suiten on the target: Decreases the target's Combustion chance by 20% and increase the cooldown of all of the target's Fire Ninjutsu by 3 turns and, for 4 turns, reduces the amount of damage done by the target by 50% that a player would take if the player is under the Kinjutsu: Shark Encampment Shield buff.

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