Kinjutsu: Spirit Breaker
Kinjutsu Spirit Breaker
Type Taijutsu Kinjutsu
Level 80
Chakra 10
Damage 630
Cooldown 12
Cost No price
Skill None
Training Time Can't learn from academy
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friend

(Kinjutsu) Conjures ancient guiding spirits from another realm to strengthen your attack and strike the opponents vital chakra points. Reduces target's CP by 45% and causes all of target's skills suffer an additional cooldown turn (Talent skills not included).

Additional effect(s)

Inflict Oblivion on the target: Reduce the target's CP by 45% immediately and casts an additional 1 turn cooldown to all of target's skill.

Obtained by

Gaining 2,000,000 reputations during Clan War Season 53.

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