Kinjutsu: Phantom Kyunoki Seals
Type Genjutsu Kinjutsu
Level 40
Chakra 800
Damage 400
Cooldown 25
Cost No price
Skill None
Training Time Can't learn from academy
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friend
(Kinjutsu) Seal the target with Kyunoki power, directly remove target's 15% remained HP. The higher remained HP, higher the damage.

Additional Effect(s)

Reduces the target's HP by 15% of the target's current HP.


Using this skill and Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse can reduce a target's HP by a maximum of 25 percent.

Since Kinjutsu: Phantom Kyunoki Seals only reduces HP by the target's current HP, Kinjutsu: Phantom Kyunoki Seals should be used before Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse.

This skill can deal higher damage with expose defence (currently available only from Deadly Performance talent skill Samurai: One Sword.

Obtained by

Defeating the Monster Boss "Kyunoki" in Halloween 2012 event.


This is one of the 3 Genjutsus which does some damage, the other 2 are Kinjutsu: Five Elements Consuming Seal and Kinjutsu: Bats Transformation.

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