Kinjutsu: Bewitching Eyes Illusion
Kinjutsu - Bewitching Eyes Illusion
Type Genjutsu Kinjutsu
Level 1
Chakra 400
Damage 0
Cooldown 14
Cost No price
Skill None
Training Time Can't learn from academy
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friend

(Kinjutsu) Drag enemy into illusion and frighten him using the cursed eyes. Enemy's positive status will be removed and damage made reduced by 40% (2 turns)

Additional effect(s)

Inflict Disperse on the target: Remove all buffs from the target. Decreases the target's attack damage by 40% for 2 turns.

Obtained by

Purchasing a Ninja Emblem, a 2,200 Token Package or a 7,500 Token Package between January 11, 2012 to January 30, 2012.

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