Kenta (or Blacksmith as an enemy in Kanesada the Sword 07 (Final)) is a famous blacksmith from the Fire Village who runs a Blacksmith House next to the Shop. He can make and forge many weapons. In the Kari Gumi Vs Egg Hunting Bosses event, Kenta was a member of Kari Gumi and ran the Materials Market in the Hunting House. Kenta first appears in the Grade C Mission "Blacksmith's Request".

In the Grade C Mission "Blacksmith's Request", Kenta's weapon that was precious to him was stolen by Ninja Thieves and wanted the "graduated student" [the player] to take it back to him.

In the Special Event "(Premium) Get Antler" (which is exlusive for premium users), Kenta wanted the main character to gather some antlers from some reindeer for him to repair some weapons.

Kenta is a major character in the Kanesada the Sword Special Event series.

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Here is a list of attacks that Kenta used during Kanesada the Sword 07 (Final).


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  • The Postman Ninja looks a lot like Kenta. They both share similar appearances and personalities.
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