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Ken (ケン)  is a non-player character who runs the Headquarters. Ken is the brother of Hokage Yudai[1] and Aiko,[2] grandson of Chiyo,[2] uncle of Norobi,[3] stepbrother of Anaki,[4] and a cousin of Vadar.[5]

He has a secret underground laboratory and uses a Kinjutsu he created to create various Undead Marionettes. He often asks you to fight his creations to test their abilities.

In the Daily Mission "Research Partner" Ken asks the main character to fight a Fierce Cat in the forest so that he can study their battle habits for research.

During the Chunin Campaign, Ken is revealed to have an evil stepbrother named Anaki, who helps the S-Ranked criminal Kojima to kidnap him,[4] but Ken gets rescued by the main character, Shin, and Genzu.[6]

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Non-combat skills

  • Unnamed Kinjutsu: Ken used a Kinjutsu during his challenges to create Undead Marionettes.

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