Kari Badge
Kari Badge
Type Ninja Essence
Level 1
Cost 5 Tokens
Sell 50 Gold

Kari Badges are issued by Kari Gumi for permission to Boss Battles. Login everyday after reset to get them!

Additional effect(s)

Clicking on the "Use" button in the Gear menu brings the player to the Hunting House. Kari Badges are used to be able to battle world bosses in the Hunting House. 5 Kari Badges are required to battle a boss.

Obtained by

Going into the Hunting House once per day. Once a day, 5 Kari Badges will be rewarded once a day for free users but 10 Kari Badges will be rewarded once a day for premium users. Additional Kari Badges can be purchased in the Hunting House for 5 Tokens each.

Sending gifts to your friends, maximum 5 every day.

During the Kari Gumi Vs Egg Hunting Bosses event, by completing the Getting Started set the player is rewarded with 5 Kari Badges and by completing the Teamwork set, the player is rewarde d with 10 Kari Badges.

Two or four Kari Badges can also be obtained as a random prize of the Third Prize set from the Egg Hunting event.

During the 3rd Anniversary event, 5 Kari Badges can be claimed after accumulating 5 Anniversary Points.

After August 16, 2012, this can be obtained as a random prize from the Ninja Scratch Card.

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