Kappa is one of the enemy creatures in the event Defend Fire Village, and appears in all of its chapters. It has a turtle-frog like apprearance. It has a green body with webbed feet and even has a beak. It uses Water Techniques and occasionally inflicts Purify on itself.


  • Attack - Kappa hits the player with its body.
  • Hydro Missile - Kappa throws a water ball at the player.
  • Kama Ha - Kappa forms a ball of water and shoots a water laser from it towards the player.
  • Mizudama Crusher - Kappa engulfs itself inside a giant water ball and launches on all the targets. This attack inflicts Restriction on all the target for two turns.


  • Kappa (河童?, "river-child"), alternatively called Kawatarō (川太郎?, "river-boy")Komahiki (“horse puller”), or Kawako (川子?, "river-child"), are a yōkai found in the Japanese folklore, and also a cryptid.
  • The attack Kama Ha is the water version of the Kamehameha, the signature move of Son Goku from the Dragon Ball (Z, GT) anime series.


  • Use any kinjutsus that reduces purify chances on him, then stun him.
  • Use dodge/blind skills if you got some to avoid Mizudama Crusher.
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