Kanku is a ninja from the Earth Village who appears in Part 4 of the Chunin Campaign along with her teammates Kara and Sukuri. She is a puppeteer and uses her puppet to attack enemies.

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  • Level: 20
  • HP: 1000?
  • CP: 850?
  • Agility: 65?


  • Poison Smoke: Creates a purple, poisonous smoke from the puppet's mouth. Deals 30 damage inflict Poison (5% damage each turn).
  • Needle Shot: Shoots a bunch of needles to target and explode the needles. Deals 130 damage.
  • (Puppet stabs with needle hands): Deals 40 damage.


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  • Kanku is based on the Naruto character Kankuro.
  • Before the character appearance update, Kanku was a male ninja.
  • This is the only character who changed gender after the character appearance update.
  • Before the character appearance update, Kanku's puppet is a male 6-armed puppet. Now it's a skeleton puppet.
  • While her teammates are at level 25, Kanku is at level 20 during Chunin Exam 4/5: Team Battle.
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