Ishikawa is in charge of the Hunting House in the mobile version of Ninja Saga in the Shinobi Village. He was first introduced in the Hunting House in the 1.1.17 version update in the iOS. He allows ninjas to challenge against world bosses, or monsters as he calls them. He has a crush on the pet shops owner Maimi.[1]

Ishikawa also appears during the Valentine's Day 2012 event (v1.2.0) on the iOS. In "The legendary pet!", pet bandits stole the legendary pet Kumayoshi from Maimi and Ishikawa and the main character helped her to defeat the pet bandits and rescue the pet but Ishikawa did it to try to impress Maimi. After rescuing Kumayoshi from the pet bandits, Maimi gave Kumayoshi to the player and Ishikawa will assist the player in finding the ingredients to help Kumayoshi to recover.[1]

During the second part of the Valentine's Day 12012 event, he and the player went to hunt down silver and golden wolves to collect silver and golden leaves.[2] And in the third part, they both into a cave to collect silver and golden roses.[3]

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