Hell Realm

Hell Realm is the enemy who appears in Stage 5-2: The Hall of Pain. He specializes in demonic and resurrection attacks. He will take on the character and after the battle, even if he loses, he still gets the Secret Book of Kinjutsu.

Appears in


  • Level 80 - Stage 5-2: The Hall of Pain (first appearance)


Hard Mode

  • HP: 244,450
  • CP: 244,450
  • Agility: Around 250

Easy Mode

  • HP: 161,300
  • CP: 161,300
  • Agility: Around 250


Hard Mode

  • Resurrection: Adds 100% HP to recruits. (Recruits gain full health after being resurrected.)
  • Black Stick Attack: Deals 400 - 600 damage and reduces 10% of target's maximum CP.
  • Hell Space: Deals 450 - 650 damage to all targets and inflicts Chaos on the main target.
  • Soul Absorption:
  • Endless Blue Flame: Deals 500 - 700 damage to all targets and inflicts Internal injury on the main target for 5 turns.
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