Heart of Kari
Heart of Kari
Type Material
Level 1
Cost No price
Sell 5 Gold
 Received when your friend accepts your requests for Heart of Kari or when you accept your friend's request for Heart of Kari.

Additional effect(s)

Used to create items in the Materials Market.

It is also used to learn pet skills for pets along with Crystal of Kari.

Obtained by

In the Materials Market, click on the Get More button with the Heart of Kari icon. Then click on the 'Post to Friends' button to send an automated message that should end up in your friend's wall feed. You will receive a Heart of Kari after your friend clicks on the message. You can also earn a Heart of Kari if you click on your friends' request for the Heart of Kari.

You can only send requests for Heart of Kari once a day.

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