Headquarters 2
The Headquarters is a place where players can apply and purchase a Ninja Emblem, buy Gold, claim an item from Ken with a code, or view their character's name, character ID, rank, and number of Tokens. Ken, Yudai's brother and Anaki's stepbrother, is the person who runs this place.

Obtaining and redeeming a code

To obtain a code, one must purchase Facebook Credits with MOLPoints. However, Facebook Credits can only be purchased with this method by those who live in South East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand.[1] When the player purchases Facebook Credits with this method, a code should be sent the player's email address which can be redeemed in the Headquarters to obtain a package of items.[2]

When redeeming a code in the Headquarters, each code can only be redeemed once. When a code has been used, it can no longer be used by anyone. When a code is redeemed, the player will be receive a package of items.


Emblem tab

  • Ken: "Get a Ninja Emblem and you may create up to 6 characters, learn all skills instantly, challenge and recruit friends with unlimited turns, gain access to premium weapons, and more!"

Buy Gold tab

  • Ken: "You can get Gold Package directly from me. I have the best deal in the village."

Claim Code tab

  • Ken: "Give me your code and you can claim specific item from me."

The Candy Code

  • Code: 1111111111111111

 Rewards: Kinjutsu: Black Friday Punch

  • Code:KOJIMA SERIES 22 Rewards: 100 Token
  • Code: 013831426D7A88C4BC0E6143612D3713F1 Rewards: 100 Token
  • Code: 018019A685B7FE7AE4756B6BCFE436FB4C Rewards: 100 Token
  • Code: 01267B1D005FF0EB5576BC65DB27E02509 Rewards: 100 Token


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