Hachibi's Father
Hachibi's Father is the father of Hachibi who is a purple snake with eight tails with heads on its body and it uses Lightning Release Ninjutsu.

Hachibi's Father appears in the Hunting House as an event world boss during the father's challenge part of the Father's Day Special event between June 12, 2012 and June 25, 2012.


  • Level: Anywhere between ±5 from character's level
  • HP: ?
  • CP: ?
  • Agility: ?

Possible rewards

  • Level 15-25: 1,200 Gold, 1,550 XP
  • Level 75-85: 3,600 Gold, 4,550 XP



  • (Basic attack): Bites the target. Deals damage.
  • Dark Lightning Ball: Transform Chakra into Lightning attack. Deals damage.
  • Destoryer Bite: Use Lightning power to tear enemy into pieces. Deals damage.
  • Raido Armor: Enrages body with electricity. Cast Frenzy on the user, increasing attack damage by 100% and Critical Chance by 25% but the user takes 25% extra damage for 4 turns.

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