Please note that this is an article on the mission type that was previously known as Grade E Missions, if you are looking for the article on the mission type that was originally Grade C Missions before the major update then you should head to Grade A Missions.
Grade C Mission
Grade C Missions (formerly Grade E Missions) are Level 1 through Level 19 missions that can be done by all ninja. Grade C Missions are found in the Mission Room.

List of Grade C Missions

There are currently 33 Grade C Missions available in the Mission Room.

Grade C Missions
Name Level Gold XP Description
Hardworking Student 1 15 20 Shin is the tutor of Academy. He probably show you some moves if you have the potential.
Blacksmith's Request 2 30 40 Retrieve Kenta's precious weapon that was stolen by Ninja Bandits.
Confidential Document 3 45 60 Deliver the document to the destination. Beware of assassins.
Weaver's Request 3 45 60 Retrieve Mai's Golden Silk taken by Female Ninja Bandits.
Conflicts with the Samurai 4 60 80 Ninja and samurai have been rivals for a long time. Recently, the confrontation has meet its climax!
Michi's Request 4 60 70 Deliver Michi's medicines to the neighboring town.
Yuna's Request 5 75 80 Deliver the Sweet Dangos.
Find the Antidote 6 90 150 Defeat the enemies and get the antidote from them.
Grandmother's Gift 6 90 150 Help Grandmother to purchase a birthday gift for Aiko.
Enemies for Interrogation 7 105 260 Bring the enemies back for interrogation.
Fake Worshippers 7 105 260 Save the White Monk's temple from the Wandering Monks.
Attack from Ninja Pirates 8 120 300 Protect the Merchant Ships
The Mysterious Light 8 120 300 Investigate the mysterious light that appear at the back of the hill.
The Desert Bandits 9 135 320 Escort the caravan and protect them from the desert bandits.
Protect Princess Takara 9 135 320 Protect the Landlord's daughter from the Escaped Criminals.
Escort the Merchant 10 150 335 Kaiza is the leading merchant in the village. Accompany him in his journey to the Earth Village.
Kusuma's Request 10 150 335 Kusuma is extorted by hooligans. He wants you to defeat them.
Explosive Mines 11 165 350 Deliver the medicines to the injured Black Ops.
Kage's Son 11 165 350 Save Norobi from the kidnappers.
Catch the Insurrectionists 12 180 370 Look out for the rebel ninjas and eliminate them.
It's the Samurai Again 12 180 370 Ninja's forever rival, the samurais are disturbing our villagers again!
Assassinate the Ninja Spy Leader 13 195 400 Assassinate the Ninja Spy Leader who wants to attack our village.
Escaped Criminals 13 195 400 Defeat the escaped criminals.
Arrest Desert Clawman 14 210 420 Arrest the notorious criminal before the Kaze ninja!
Undead Marionette 14 210 420 Three undead Marionette have appeared in the street! Hokage wants you to eliminate them... wait, why are the Marionette there?
Kenta's Favor 15 225 450 Kenta wants you to get him a special white stone. The function of the stone is still a secret.
Sea Robbers are Back 15 240 480 The Sea Robbers are back with a new boss.
Trouble from Hooligans 16 225 450 Yuna's restaurant is disturbed by hooligans. Help her to expel the villians.
Clear Main Artery 17 225 540 The ninja thieves are blocking the main artery. Cast them away.
Rescue Action 17 225 510 Rescue your ninja fellows from the desert bandits.
Assassination of Shin 18 270 570 Someone is going to assassinate Shin! Protect him!
Troublesome Water Ninja 18 270 570 The young Water Ninja always disturb the ships on the port. Fight against them!
Threatening Soil Village 19 285 600 Soil village is doing something secretly and it has threatened us.

Tips for farming Gold/XP

Gold tips

After reaching Level 13, a player can farm Gold (as well as Experience Points) by doing the Level 13 Grade C Mission, Escaped Criminals. In that mission, there is a chance of getting a rare weapon drop that can be sold for a bit. Other Grade C Missions that are good for farming Gold are Rescue Action (Level 17) and Threatening Soil Village (Level 19) with their drops.

XP tips

The fastest way to level up after reaching Level 17 is by doing the Level 17 Grade C Mission, Clear Main Artery which is also a good mission to get Gold. The mission only occurs 1-2 battle with 2 Rogue Ninja which is easily beaten.

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