Grade B Mission
Grade B Missions (previously Grade D Missions) are Level 20 through Level 39 missions that can be done by Chunin or higher-ranked ninja. Grade B Missions are found in the Mission Room.

List of Grade B Missions

There are currently 20 Grade B Missions available in the Mission Room.

Grade B Missions
Name Level Gold XP Description
Where are the Hooligans? 20 240 624 Shin found the hiding place of the hooligans. Help him catch the bad guys!
Night Rebellion 21 252 672 In the world of ninja, night is not for rest, but fights!
Canine Tooth Collection 22 264 720 Help Blacksmith Kenta collect canine tooth from beasts in the forest.
Phantom Ninja 23 276 792 Pursuit with the Phantom Ninja.
War with Samurai 24 288 864 The samurai has declared war on us.
The Ninja Assassinates 25 300 912 Assassination problem is serious. Look for the leader.
Zuka's Request 26 312 960 Zuka, the bloodline user from the Snow Village needs your help!
Toxic Crisis 27 324 1,032 Toxic ninja are planning to hurt the villagers!
Medicine Research 28 336 1,104 Michi is requesting for a sample of Wind Village's new medicine.
Crazy Marionette 29 348 1,200 Marionettes appear in the village again! It must be Ken's great job!
The Secret Package from Yuna 30 360 1,296 Yuna has a secret package for Mizukage... what could that be?
Help the Snow Village 31 360 1,392 The Snow Village is in danger! Assist Zuka to protect the villagers.
The Skeletons 32 384 1,512 It's time to clean up mess for Ken again!
Escaped Prisoner - Hanjiro 33 396 1,632 Catch the escaped Hanjiro.
Escort Kaiza 34 408 1,728 Kaiza needs a ninja to escort him to the Village of Water.
Wind Village Defend 35 420 1,848 Wind village is under attack! However, Kazekage is having a meeting in Lightning Village.
Urgent Request from Michi 36 432 1,992 Deliver Michi's medicines to the injured black ops.
Violent Hooligans 37 444 2,112 Violent hooligans are destroying the village! Please stop them.
Merchant Assassination 38 456 2,256 Capture the unsuccessful assassin who was ordered to assassinate Kaiza.
Mountain Bandits 39 468 2,640 An Intel reports that a group of mountain bandits harass passerby.

Tips for farming Gold/XP

Gold tips

After reaching Level 23, doing Phantom Ninja would be good to get gold by selling weapon rewards. The Secret Package from Yuna (Level 30) is also a good way to get more gold too. Bust most weapon drops that are good for selling are from those from Merchant Assassination (Level 38) which does drop various weapons but the Superior Jutte isn't worth selling since it has no value but it is stronger than the Platium Jutte.

XP tips

Missions that would give a player a faster XP boost would be the Level 22 mission (Canine Tooth Collection), the Level 27 mission (Toxic Crisis), and the Level 38 mission (Merchant Assassination).

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