Grade A Mission
Grade A Missions (formerly Grade C Missions) are level 42 through level 78 missions that can be done by Jounin, up until Level 60, then by Special Jounin. Grade A Missions can be found in the Mission Room.

List of Grade A Missions

There are currently 19 Grade A Missions available in the Mission Room.

Grade A Missions
Name Level Gold XP Description
Concern of Norobi 42 1,200 4,870 As the son of Hokage, Norobi's life is full of 'surprises'!
Request from the Rock Village 44 1,400 6,880 Guard the land of Hisao!
The Antique Vase 46 1,600 7,810 Villains are going to break into Kaiza's Mansion to steal an invaluable antique vase!
The Fire-Thunder Alliance 48 1,800 8,890 Eliminate the Mountain Bandits who are active at the boundary between the Village of Fire & Thunder.
The Mysterious Mist 50 2,000 10,160 Strange mist in the forest... what is going on?
Blacksmith's Trouble 52 2,200 11,630 Help Kenta drive battle dogs away from his place
Assassin's Plot 54 2,400 13,330 Catch the assassins before they can mess up the village!
The Criminal Gathering 56 2,600 15,320 Find out the criminals' plan!
Kinjutsu: Marionette Control 58 2,800 17,620 The Scroll of Kinjutsu is stolen from Ken!
Fierce Cats Gone Wild 60 3,000 18,950 There are too many of them!
Hunt the Rebel 62 3,100 21,470 Disunite the rebels before they could do anything.
The Dessert Ronins 64 3,200 24,880 A group of ronins are messing around in the dessert!
The Soil Intruders 66 3,300 29,410 Intel reports existence of intruders!
Fight back for the mining field! 68 3,400 34,760 The mining field is occupied, go and get it back!
Save the temple! 70 3,500 40,290 A group of evil monks have occupied a temple, you have to save the temple!
Return the valuables 72 3,600 46,730 Someone robbed Kusuma's valuables, you must go and help him to get them back!
Return the wrong delivery 74 3,700 55,180 Kusuma needs help again, ask him and find out what you can do.
Mystery Shadow 76 3,800 65,130 There are many Soil Ninja working on something in the forest, go and investigate them!
The Legendary Weapon 78 3,900 76,840 Kaiza heard a rumor about the legendary weapon, he is asking you to come with him. Is this a trap?

Tips for farming Gold/XP

As of April 22, 2012, the mission XP reward for Grade A Missions increased, allowing characters to level up faster.

Gold tips

Level 44 mission "Request from the Rock Village" and Level 54 mission "Assassin's Plot" are good to get gold by selling their weapon drops.

XP tips

Level 44 mission "Request from the Rock Village" is good for getting XP until level 52. The Level 52 mission "Blacksmith's Trouble" is a good way to get XP and each battle in that mission would recover the player's HP and CP, making it easier. The level 60 mission, "Fierce Cats Gone Wild," can be used for good mission XP after the Special Jounin Campaign, as there are only three battles and the mission gives good XP.

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