"We always treat poor little dummy as target practice, but now, he is going to have some fun with all of you during the Ninja Saga anniversary celebration!" —Giant Dummy's description
Giant dummy
Giant Dummy is an S-rank event boss located in the Hunting House during the 1st Anniversary Event. Giant Dummy has very little offensive power, but loads and loads of HP. This boss can easily be taken down within 5 minutes by most high level users, and the rewards are quite nice as well.

Possible Rewards

2000 XP, 4000 Gold



  • Swift Kick: Deals damage.
  • Three Combat Rapid: Deals damage three times.
  • Rapid Fist: Deals damage.
  • Ultimate Three Combo: Deals damage three times.
  • Dummy Palm: Deals damage twice.

-Every amount of damage/heals depends in level

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