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"Ghost Shogun live far away from human and he collects evil soul to make him stronger."
Ghost Shogun

Ghost Shogun as a world boss

Ghost Shogun is shogun who collects souls from the living. He appears in the Rank C mission "Ghost Shogun" and is also a level 6 Rank C Boss in the Hunting House of the mobile version of Ninja Saga.

The Ghost Shogun lives far away from people and he collects sinister souls to make him to grow stronger. He summons Gedo Sessho Seki as a guardian. He later summons the Ghost Marauder, who is a guardian of the Ghost Shogun.

Appears in

Hunting House

  • Rank C
    • Level 6 - Ghost Shogun

Rank C

Possible Rewards (Hunting House)

70 XP, 35 Gold


Hunting House

  • Hell Fire Release: The target loses HP over time.
  • Death Slash: Deals damage.
  • Heavy Slash: Deals damage.
  • Yami Fire Slash: Deals damage.

Rank C mission

  • Hell Fire: The target loses 50 HP over time.
  • Death Slash: The target loses 50 HP over time.
  • Fire Slash: Deals damage. His blade is covered in purple fire then he slashes the target.
  • Heavy Slash: A more powerful attack that deals damage.
  • Attack: Downward sword slash. Deals damage.


Battle Preview

Ninja Saga App Store Ghost Shogun

Ninja Saga App Store Ghost Shogun

Ninja Saga iOS Ghost Shogun


  • The Ghost Shogun's story is similar to Kojima's. They both summoned powerful creatures and wishes to become stronger.
  • In the description of Evil Monk Leader, it is stated that the Evil Monk Leader sold his soul to evil. It is hinted that he might have sold his soul to the Ghost Shogun.
  • There is a more powerful version of the Ghost Shogun which can be found in the Rank C mission: Ghost Shogun."
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