Genzu (ゲンズ)  is a male non-player character who specializes in Genjutsu and Thunder Ninjutsu. He gives you Missions in the Mission Room. He is known as the "Genjutsu Genius of Fire Village" as stated by Kojima during the final part of the Chunin Campaign.

Genzu first appears in the Grade C Mission "Fake Worshippers". In the mission, White Monks requested assistance from Fire Ninja since Wandering Monks were disturbing them and the White Monks wanted them to go away.

He also helps the player and Shin during the final part of the Chunin Campaign, fighting against Kojima and Anaki.

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Daily Missions

Grade C Missions


  • Lightning Release: Thunder Arms: Cast Strengthens for 2 turns.
  • Lightning Release: Thunder Storm: Deals 370 damage.
  • Lightning Release: Thunder Bird: Deals 500 damage.
  • Rapid Strike: Deals 100 damage thrice.
  • (Kunai thrust): Deals 250 damage.

Non-combat skills

  • Lightning release: Electric Smash: Unleashed a great lightning and smash on the ground. Genzu used this to kill all undead puppet during the second part of the Kojima Series.
  • Unknown Genjutsu: It is stated that he is a master of Genjutsu so he must have several Genjutsu that have not been seen in Ninja Saga.



  • Genzu's name is based on the jutsu type Genjutsu, as Genzu's speciality.
  • Genzu's first appearance is the same as Kakashi Hatake in his first appearance.
  • In the names of his skills, thunder is misspelled as "thurder."

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