Friend Invitation and Friend Shop Genjutsu

Since 2012, number of successfully friend invited convert into Friendship Kunai, currency on Friendship Shop

Friend Invitation and Friendship shop
Name Level Damage CD Chakra Description Cost
Kinjutsu: Spirit Touch 10 0 14 100 (Kinjutsu) A genjutsu which fears your enemy and reduces their damage done by 15% for 5 turns Having 20 friend invites accepted. (No longer available)
Kinjutsu: Element Renewal 1 0 14 200 (Kinjutsu) Decrease target's critical, dodge, combustion, purify rate and reactive force by 40% (2 turns). Inviting 3 people or paying 10 Tokens for each invite left from December 29, 2011 to January 4, 2012.
Kinjutsu: Friend Prayer Jutsu 2 Friendship Kunai (No lonver available)
Kinjutsu: Kick of Chaos 1 0 14 100 Target have 80% chance of Stun for 2 turns. 10 Friendship Kunai (June 2012)

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