Genin (下忍; Literally meaning "low ninja") is the lowest ninja rank but the second lowest rank (first being Academy Student). New Ninja Saga players can become a Genin after completing the Tutorial. The rank of Genin varies from level 1 to level 20.

In the iOS version of Ninja Saga, the rank of Genin became available in version 1.1.5 on July 20, 2011 and ranges between levels 1 through 60, but usually between 20 and 60.

Features available

SNS features

  • There are a variety of Daily Tasks available for Genin.
  • Grade C Missions, Daily Missions (after reaching level 5), and Special Events are available to perform.
  • Fight world bosses in the Hunting House up to level 20 after reaching the required level(s).
  • Battle players in PvP in the Arena after reaching level 5.
  • Buy weapons and items up to level 20.
  • Learn skills up to level 20.

iOS features


SNS restrictions

iOS restrictions

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