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"Summoned by Ghost Shogun, his duty is to protect Ghost Shogun. He is good at stunning, and Earth Release."
Gedo Sessho Seki (iOS)
Gedo Sessho Seki (or Cursed Sessho-seki while battling it) is a level 11 Rank C world boss in the mobile version of Ninja Saga. He also appears in the Rank C mission "Gedo Sessho Seki".

Gedo Sessho Seki was summoned by the Ghost Shogun, as his guardian, to protect the Ghost Shogun. Gedo Sessho Seki is good at stunning his foes and he uses Earth Release Ninjutsu.

Appears in

Hunting House

  • Rank C
    • Level 11 - Gedo Sessho Seki

Rank C

Possible Rewards (Hunting House)

140 XP, 260 Gold


  • Gedo Soul Laser: Shoots out a large, purple laser. Deals 170 damage and inflict Stun for 2 turns.
  • Hard Rock Spines: Create spiky rocks from the ground. Deals 60 damage.
  • Triple Earth Smash: Punches the target 3 times. Deals damage.
  • Attack: Punching downward. Deals damage.


Battle Preview

Ninja Saga App Store Gedo Sessho Seki

Ninja Saga App Store Gedo Sessho Seki

Ninja Saga iOS Gedo Sessho Seki

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