The Shop, where the Friendship Shop is located.

The Friendship Shop is an updated friend invite shop that players can trade Friendship Kunai that they earned from successfully inviting friends to Ninja Saga to earn rewards. The Friendship Shop were first introduced on September 15, 2011 on the Invite Reward button on the right side of the player's Ninja Saga friend list but it wasn't part of the Shop until May 24, 2012.

Unlike the old normal invite friends shop, where players can only get one of each item, players can purchase the same item(s) as many times as they want in the Friendship Shop as long as they have enough Friendship Kunai.


Current items

Items no longer available

  • 1200 Gold: 1 Friendship Kunai (no longer available)
  • 2012 Fashion Hair Style: 2 Friendship Kunai (no longer available)
  • Special Hair: (Male: Gaara's hair style / Female: Pink short hair style) 2 Friendship Kunai (no longer available)
  • 5 Special Rune Scrolls: 5 Friendship Kunai (no longer available)
  • Death Wooden Coffin (back item): 5 Friendship Kunai (no longer available)
  • Kame (pet): 25 invites (no longer available)
  • Katsura (pet): 25 invites (no longer available)

Thanksgiving 2012 items

  • 20 Tokens: 5 Friendship Kunai
  • 50 Tokens:10 Friendship Kunai
  • Kotetsu (weapon): 10 Friendship Kunai
  • Gathering Clouds of Heaven (Taijutsu): 2 Friendship Kunai
  • Friend Prayer Jutsu (Genjutsu): 2 Friendship Kunai
  • Sky Dominate Fist (Taijutsu): 2 Friendship Kunai
  • Bousou Turkey Suit (Clothing): 2 Friendship Kunai
  • Turkey Hair (Special Hair): 2 Friendship Kunai
  • Turkey Tail(Back Items): 5 Friendship Kunai

Featured items

Starting on March 13, 2012, there are featured items in the Friendship Shop. This was once called "Item of the Week" but since the items didn't change weekly, it changed to "featured item."


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