"Fire Assassin (ninja saga mobile), an elite group of ninja, they are one of the best."
Fire assassin
Fire Assassin is a level 40 Rank B boss in the Hunting House of the mobile version of Ninja Saga. The Fire Assassin uses lightning-fire jutsu and has attacks that restricts and burns the player that gets in his way.

Possible Rewards

1,100 Gold

Easy mode:

  • Sand Stone
  • Craft Stone
  • Wrath of Flame (back item)
  • Heatwave pants

Hard Mode:

  • Sand Stone
  • Craft Stone
  • Fire canine (weapon)
  • Heatwave shirt


  • Lightning Explosive Burst: Restricts the target for 3 turns.
  • Lightning Hammer: Deals damage.
  • Hell Fire Release: Inflicts the target with 50 DOT for 3 turns.
  • Yami Fire Slash: Attack target with fire-covered sword. Deals damage.
  • Attack: Deals damage.


The total HP of fire assassin is 9,050.

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