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Emagist Entertainment Limited (or Emagist for short) is the publisher of Ninja Saga. Ninja Saga was originally created by Ninja Saga Development Team (or Developer for short) and they are still continuing the development of the game engine and game contents and Emagist is publishing the contents to the public. They are well-known for being an online company who primarily creates RPGs and real-time multiplayer applications that they release through social networking sites (SNS Apps). They aim to be a responsible game company and want people to know that they are responsible in maintaining the safety of their players.

Games developed

Image Game Platform Release date Notes External link
Ninja Saga Ninja Saga Social network site (Facebook, Myspace, Orkut) July 21, 2009 Facebook is the main social network website for Ninja Saga.

Requires Adobe Flash Player to play.

Dragon Legacy Dragon Legacy Social network site (Facebook) November 2009 Discontinued. Facebook
Ninja Mind Ninja Mind iOS January 2011 iOS
Ninja Saga (iOS) Ninja Saga iOS May 17, 2011 iOS
Ninja Saga (Android) Ninja Saga Android April 20, 2012 Android

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