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Eight Extremities
Eight Extremities Talent
Type Extreme Talent
Ninja Emblem? No
Cost 400 Tokens
Talent Skills
This talent focuses on the flexibility of 8 body parts and the art of taijutsu. Explosive power can be achieved under extreme mode, but there will be serious side effects.


This talent would be best served for ninjas who have most of their points in either Fire, Wind, or Earth. Fire, because of the bonus damage for all types of damage that points in the Fire attribute give. This will add on to the Eight Extremities passive skill for greater taijutsu damage. Wind, because of the bonus increases in Agility. Lots of points in wind and a high level of the Eight Extremities Strengthen passive skill will make you incredibly fast. Earth, because of the bonus in health. Points in earth plus the HP bonus from the Eight Extremities Strengthen passive skill will give you tons of extra health

Talent skills

Talent skills
Icon Name Type Description Effect at Lv. 10
Soul Punch Soul Punch Active - Attack Basics: Concentrates chakra on your palm and punch the target.

Damage: Lv x 708%
CP: Lv x 20%
Cooldown: 6

Eight Extremities Eight Extremities Passive Basic Combat: Elementary battle training that increases taijutsu damage. Increases attack damage of taijutsu skill type by 20%
Reduce HP deduction from taijutsu skill type by 100%
Eight Extremities Fist Eight Extremities Fist Active - Attack Basic Taijutsu: Apply the usage of chakra into taijutsu and give better damage.

Damage: Lv x 1,000%
CP: Lv x 900%
Cooldown: 19

100% chance to reduce target's CP by 40%

Eight Extremities Strengthen Eight Extremities Strengthen Passive Advanced Combat: Fully utilize every part of the body. Increases agility by 20%
Increases maximum HP by 10%
Extreme Mode Extreme Mode Active - Buff Extreme Mode: Develop every part of the body to a superb condition for a short period of time. (Warning: serious side effects)

CP: Lv x 1,450%
Cooldown: 16

Increases attack damage of all taijutsu by 80% (5 turns)
User cannot be healed (5 turns)

Ultimate Dance Ultimate Dance Active - Attack Advanced Taijutsu: Fatal attack to a target, must be used in Extreme Mode.

Damage: Lv x 1,778%
CP: Lv x 1,000%
Cooldown: 19

Must be in Extreme Mode
90% chance to double CP consumption of target for 3 turns



  • The Eight Extremities Extreme Talent and the Eight Gates are no different from one another since they rely on Taijutsu and activating them could cause serious side effects but does significantly increase physical power.
    • The Soul Punch is similar to Might Guy's Daytime Tiger skill as they both focus their chakra to the palm and make a single powerful punch.
    • The Extreme Mode is similar to Eighth Gate: the Gate of Death since they both give immense power and serious side effects.
    • The Ultimate Dance is similar to Morning Peacock since they both make a powerful taijutsu that release a fatal attack. And they both need to use some certain skill to unlock these skills.
  • Lok Li also uses this talent. Although his version is quite different from this talent.
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