Dodge Chance (or Dodge Rate) is the chance of avoiding attacks from an attacking opponent. When a target "dodges" an attack, the target takes no damage or effect from the attacks. If a target dodges an attack that has an area of effect, the target's teammate dodges the attack too.

Increasing Dodge Chance

Initially, new players starts off with a dodge chance of 5%. Adding points to the Wind Attribute increases the player's dodge chance by 0.4%. Users with the Dark Eye Extreme Talent can increase their dodge chance by learning and upgrading the Dark Eye talent skill Dark Eye. There are many skills that can increase dodge chance including Kinjutsu: Evasion.

Dodge command

Using the Dodge command skips the player's turn but increases the player's Dodge Chance by 5% for 1 turn. However, the Dodge command isn't commonly used as it is kind of useless but it is useful to skip the player's turn if the player already has full CP or if the player is trying to dodge an incoming attack. Doing this method is useful in case if an enemy is buffed by an effect that increases Reactive Force.

Decreasing Dodge Chance

There are certain effects that can decrease a target's dodge chance and make the target to get hit successfully by an attack. Using Kinjutsu: Flash Lightning Bundle decreases the target's dodge chance by 70% from the effect of Conduction.

When a player is under the Attention buff, if the player attacks a target, the target's dodge chance decreases during the attack. Another way of saying this is that the user's "accuracy" increases for a number of turns.

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