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Dark Eye
Dark Eye Talent
Type Extreme Talent
Ninja Emblem? No
Cost 500,000 Gold
Talent Skills

Combine eye skill with acupuncture skill to give the user the ability to look through the target's nerves and meridians.


Talent skills

Talent skills
Icon Name Type Description Effect at Lv. 10
Dark Eye skill Dark Eye Passive The awakening of Dark Eye grants user with strong vision. Increase accuracy by 10%
Increase dodge chance by 5%
Meridian Kekkai Meridian Kekkai Passive The Meridian Kekkai grants the user with the ability to rebound damage based on the reduced/absorbed amount of CP. Whenever your CP was absorbed or reduced, attacker will receive 71% the absorbed/reduced CP as damage and has 60% chance of getting stunned for 1 turn. (No effect with CP reduction over time skills)
Acupuncture - Meridian Anesthesia Acupuncture: Meridian Anesthesia Active - Buff Anesthetize yourself to reduce damage and recover HP for a number of turns, but interfere with CP.

CP: Lv x 820%
Cooldown: 16

Reduce damage taken by 20% (4 turns)
Recover HP by 20% each turn (3 turns)
User is not allowed to charge (3 turns)

Meridian Search Meridian Search Passive Visualize the position of meridians of target and give better chance to do critical damage. Increase critical chance by 5%
Increase critical damage by 10%.
Meridian Strengthen Meridian Strengthen Passive Strengthen your meridian system to recover more chakra. Increases maximum CP by 20%
Recover CP by extra 25% per charge
Acupuncture - Meridians Destruction Acupuncture: Meridians Destruction Active - Attack Aim at meridians of target and acupuncture to interfere target's flow of chakra in the body.

Damage: Lv x 1,145%
CP: Lv x 1,180%
Cooldown: 20

Restrict target (cannot use skills) (2 turns)
30% chance to clear all buff of target



Dark Eye is a useful Extreme Talent for Thunder users: Meridian Search permanently increases the user's Critical Chance and Critical Damage by a percentage amount, helping Thunder pure users to deal more critical hits and since Thunder Ninjutsu uses up more chakra than any other element, Meridian Strengthen will be helpful since it increases the user's maximum CP as well as chakra charge rate permanently.


  • The Dark Eye Extreme Talent have some of the abilities that the Hyuga's Byakugan have but not all. Some of the Dark Eye techniques are similar to the Hyuga's Gentle Fist too.
    • When uses Dark Eye, the user can see the target's nerves and meridians, specifically with Meridian Search. This is similar to the Byakugan. The Byakugan can view the Chakra Pathway System. Technically, this is the same thing because an alternate name for Chakra Pathway System is "Meridian System" (経絡系, Keirakukei).
    • The Dark Eye old talent skill, Acupuncture: Needle Barrage have a similar effect to the Hyuga's Gentle Fist style with Byakugan in which they strike the opponent's chakra points/meridian points. The major difference between these Needle Barrage and Gentle Fist is that Gentle Fist is a Taijutsu that can damage a target's major organs and the Chakra Pathway System and Needle Barrage just rains down needles to pierce through the meridian system.
    • The Dark Eye talent skill Acupuncture: Needle Barrage has replaced by Meridian Kekkai as of August 2014.
    • The Dark Eye talent skill, Acupuncture: Meridians Destruction, is very similar to Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms in both effect and appearance. They both create a seal (that are meant to be invisible) and attack fiercely in close combat. Acupuncture: Meridians Destruction attacks the target using needles while Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms attacks the target while in Gentle Fist style. Also, while Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms attacks in a set of hits times two for each combo up until sixty-four hits, a player that is using Acupuncture: Meridians Destruction attacks the opponent at high speed in many directions. The outcome of an Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms attack would disable up to 64 chakra points in the opponent's network disabling the opponent from using most of their chakra. This effect is similar to Acupuncture: Meridians Destruction, as the target is restricted; preventing from using a skill for one turn. Unlike Eight Trigram Sixty-Four Palms, Acupunture: Meridians Destruction may remove power-ups [buffs] from the target.
  • Now Dark Eye have 2 skill active and four skill passive.
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