Daily Mission
Daily Missions are missions that can only be completed once a day, which is why they are called "Daily" Missions. They can be done by all players at level 5 and above but most Daily Missions require a Ninja Emblem to perform them. They give more Gold and XP than regular graded missions. Daily Missions are found in the Mission Room.

List of Daily Missions

There are currently 17 Daily Missions (not counting TP Training) available in the Mission Room, 9 of them are Ninja Emblem exclusive. Since the July 4, 2011 update, two new Daily Missions (Sorting Out Recipe and Jutsu Card) have been released.

Daily Missions
Name Level Gold XP NE? Description
Ramen Delivery 5 20 250 No Help Yuna to deliver the ramen.
Sorting Out Recipe 6 540 900 No Yuna needs some helps in her Ramen restaurant.
Tips from Shin1 6 360 300 Yes Shin has special training course for premium users!
Offer from Mai 7 400 360 Yes Mai needs your help!
Practice: Wind Genin 10 480 560 Yes Kazekage sent a genin to the Village of Fire for training.
Research Partner 10 280 320 No Do some research on the battle habits of Fierce Cat with Ken.
Jutsu Card 12 1,460 3,000 No The most fashionable Jutsu Card has arrived at Fire Village.
Practice: Water Genin 15 600 1,160 Yes Mizukage sent a genin to the Village of Fire for training.
The Promise 15 650 760 No There is a promise between Kinta and Aoi...
Practice: Soil Genin 18 720 1,700 Yes Soil Landlord sent a genin to the Village of Fire for training
Pirates in Exile 20 1,000 1,300 No Catch the pirates who are in exile!
Practice: Lightning Chunin 25 1,500 2,200 Yes Raikage has sent a chunin to the Village of Fire for training.
Practice: Earth Chunin 30 2,500 4,000 Yes Tsuchikage has sent a chunin to the Village of Fire for training.
Battle Data of the Marionette 35 3,500 6,500 Yes Help Ken to collect some battle data of a marionette.
Save the Clan Casualties 40 5,000 9,000 Yes Help Michi to deliver first aid kits to the clan district.
The Store Keeper 40 2,400 6,000 No Everyday in the noon, both Kusuma and Heizo are not at the store. Can you look after their properties when they are out?
BlackOps' Meals 45 3,500 7,500 No Deliver meals to the BlackOps' camping site.
The Postman's Duties 45 8,000 12,000 Yes Experience the postman's works.

1. This mission(s) no longer exists in Ninja Saga.


  • Daily Missions use to be Special Events during the alpha release and could only be done once per character. But now they are separated from the Special Events and can be done once a day.
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