Daily Lucky Draw
The Daily Lucky Draw feature in Ninja Saga lets you enter daily lucky draw after becoming a fan of Ninja Saga on Facebook. This allows the user to win golds ,xp and tokens for free. If the user comes on daily for it, the amount won will be 2x, 3x and eventually 6x.The new Daily Lucky Draw will be apear every 12.00 and 00.00 O'clock. This feature is no longer available.

Advice: There are only 0.1% chance to win free tokens but earning tokens is slightly more common at a lower multiplier.

Note: The amount of gold you can share with your friends from the daily lucky draw is proportionate to 20x your level. Ex. at level 80 you will share 1600 gold.

Note 2: The amount of XP you can share with your friends from the daily lucky draw is proportionate to 15x your level. Ex. at level 80 you will share 1200 XP.


Every day when you login to Ninja Saga, a day will be counted to your daily login streak, which will increase the multiplier of the amount of tokens you will earn.

  • 1x = First day
  • 2x = Second day
  • 3x = Third day
  • 4x = Fourth day
  • 5x = Fifth day
  • 6x = Sixth day and above

Tips to get Tokens

  1. Spin it around 12.00 and 00.00 for a multi-spin.
  2. This is the more success trick: spin it when you finished hardworking student mission 3 time (It only has about 85% chance to succeed in drawing least 1 x [Multiplier] tokens, max 30, therefore this trick isn't 100% reliable)


There were two successors of the Daily Lucky Draw that took over as daily rewards which were the Daily Login Reward and then the Ninja Scratch Card.

Daily Login Reward

Main article: Daily Login Reward

On November 20, 2011, the Daily Lucky Draw has been removed and replaced by a new daily login reward system that would definitely give players chances to win Tokens. This system was later replaced by the Ninja Scratch Card.

Ninja Scratch Card

Main article: Ninja Scratch Card

On January 5, 2012, the Ninja Scratch Card became available and there was a short amount of time for the Daily Login Reward. The Ninja Scratch Card allows ninjas to scratch cards to earn rewards and there would always be a grand prize reward which would change periodically.


Daily Lucky Draw is released back with new reward.


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