When a skill is in cooldown, that skill cannot be used for a number of turns. When using a skill, it takes time [turns] to re-use that skill.

Many normal Ninjutsu have a maximum cooldown of 10 turns but most Wind Ninjutsu have a maximum cooldown of 8 turns. Level 50 and 60 Kinjutsu have a maximum cooldown of 14 or 15 turns. Active talent skills have a very high cooldown and takes longer to cooldown than other skills.

Status effects

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The Wind Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu: Dance of Fujin, reduces all of the user's skills that are in cooldown (excluding Kinjutsu: Dance of Fujin and Talent skills) by 4 turns.

The Demon Sound talent skill, Demon Song: Song of Fantasia, can increase or stack a target's skill's cooldown by 14 turns at level 10.

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