Collectable (iOS)
The Collectable (or collectible) is a building in the town of the Fire Village exclusively for the mobile version of Ninja Saga where the player can see view their collectables obtained by completing missions or by completing battles in certain missions. Each collectable are the enemies' gear.

Starting from the 1.1.12 version update of the iOS version, completed collectables can be sold for Gold.

In the Android version, collectables can also be used to rebuild buildings in the town such as the Advanced Jutsu Facility and Hunting House.

List of collectables

There are five individual items in each collectable and there is currently a total of 53 collectables.

The sections below are incomplete; there many collectables that are still missing sell prices. If you know them, please add them.

Rank C

There are currently 24 Rank C collectables.

Rank B

There are currently 27 Rank B collectables.

Rank A

There are currently 12 Rank A collectables.

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