Please note that this is an article on the iOS and Android version of the Chunin Exam, if you are looking for the article on the SNS version of the exam then you should head to Chunin Campaign.
Chunin Exam (iOS)
The Chunin Exam (中忍受験 or evenちゅうにんじゅげん  [Chuunin jugen] wich literally means middle ninja admission exam) is a exam that appears in the mobile version of Ninja Saga. The Genin Exam can be taken in the Kage Room after the player completes every Rank B missions at least once, regardless of any of the player's characters' level.

There are three parts to the Chunin Exam that needs to be complete in the responding order but the primary character must be at least level 40 to participate:

By completing the Chunin Exam, all of the player's characters will become a Chunin regardless of their current level and the player will have access to Rank A missions, Rank A world bosses, be able to collect Rank A collectables, level up to 60 and learn skills and equip gear up to level 60.

Missions (mobile version)
Rank C missions
iOS Ninja Thieves!BanditsBandit's TrapThe Bandit BossSuspicious NinjaLightning TraitorsWater TraitorsInvasionPhanton NinjaSamurai's RevengeNinja Thieves ReturnBandits Again?The Bandits GroupArcane Ninja InvasionWater Traitors InvasionMasked B & WSamurai-Bandit AttackPhantom Ninja ReturnIajuts u ChallengeGhost ShogunGedo Sessho Seki
Android Enemy Scout Spotted!Another Scout Spotted
Rank B missions
People are MissingCollect potion for cure.Earth Ninja's RequestAn important letterThe return of Sword NinjaThe unexpected attack!Protecting a daimyoA weapon collectionSaving the Temple!Medical Supply ChallengeTop secret?Escape from jailFlower Ninja?!
Rank A missions
Greedy Trespassers!The unexpected robberyEvil Seal
Rank S missions
Prologue Prologue
Genin Exam Quick Test!Genin Exam Begins!Genin Exam Part 2
Chunin Exam Chunin Exam Part 1Chunin Exam Termination?!Investigation Completed
Special Event missions (iOS)
Thanksgiving 2011 (1.1.18) Dinner PreparationTurkey ThiefA missing ingredient
Christmas 2011 (1.1.20) Reindeer's StrikeReindeer ClubReindeer Club Leader
Valentine's Day 2012 (1.2.0) The legendary pet!Silver and Golden wolvesRoses found!
Bunny Event 2012 (1.2.4) Bunny Egg Hunt Part 1Bunny Eggs Hunt Part 2
Gobi Mission (1.2.13) The Gobi's ArrivalThe Spirits of the Wind & FireThe Spirits of the Lightning & EarthThe Spirits of the WaterThe SealThe Defeat of Gobi
Seasonal Event missions (Android)
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