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To become a Chunin, a Genin participates in a wide scale examination, known as the Chunin Campaign (previously Chunin Exam), with their team. A character can only participate in the Chunin Campaign when that character is at the maximum level of 20 at the rank of Genin.

Completing the Chunin Campaign rewards the player the rank of Chunin, enter the Pet Shop, and use pets.

Campaign missions

There are five stages in the Chunin Campaign.
Chunin Campaign Stages

Chunin Campaign/Chunin Exam stages

  • The first stage is a written test, which includes difficult questions related to different subjects. It checks information gathering and decision-making abilities (as well as overall understanding of ninja philosophy) look below for more details.
  • The second stage tests abilities of accomplishing a mission and adhering to guidelines.
  • The third consists of fights between those who passed the previous two stages observed by a council of Daimyos that decides who becomes a Chunin and who does not. The opponents are Zuka, Lok Li and Shira.
  • The fourth consists of you fighting a rival ninja team with your own team.
  • The fifth exam is about teammwork learned from the fourth exam to defeat a powerful foe with Shin and Genzu.

Chunin Exam 1/5: Written Exam

To be promoted to Chunin, you need to pass a series of tests and exams. The first round is a written test.

Chunin Exam 2/5: Scroll War

Don't forget to recruit your teammates before you start your next exam.

Chunin Exam 3/5: Arena

The third exam is to finish a 1vs1 battle - you will fight with other ninja candidates. Note: No teammates can go inside the Tower with you!

Chunin Exam 4/5: Team Battle

Team cooperation is very important. The final exam is to test your teamwork.

Chunin Exam 5/5: Final

Help Shin and Genzu to defeat Kojima and save Ken. Note: No teammates can go inside with you!

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