Chunin (中忍 Chūnin; Literally meaning "Middle Ninja") is the second ninja rank. Genin can become a Chunin by completing the Chunin Campaign at the level of 20. The rank of Chunin varies from level 20 to level 40.

In the iOS version of Ninja Saga, the rank of Chunin became available in version 1.1.13 on October 7, 2011 and ranges between levels 1 through 60, but usually between 40 and 60.

Features available

SNS features

  • Every feature the rank of Genin has, excluding a variety of Daily Tasks.
  • Now be able to do Grade B Missions.
  • Fight world bosses in the Hunting House up to level 40 after reaching the required level(s).
  • Purchase Pets from the Pet Shop.
  • Buy weapons and items up to level 40.
  • Learn skills up to level 40.

iOS features


SNS restrictions

  • The Daily Task will be more restricted and the only tasks that Chunin can do will either be completing 4 missions or recruiting 6 friends.
  • Chunin cannot learn Talents.
  • Chunin can no longer earn XP after reaching level 40.

iOS restrictions

  • The Jounin Exam in the iOS version is currently unavailable.
  • Cannot go on Rank S missions.
  • Cannot battle Rank S world bosses.

Tensai Chunin

This section is incomplete.
Tensai Chunin

Tensai Chunin

Genin can become a Tensai Chunin before November 29, 2009 when the Chunin Campaign was first released in November 23, 2009.

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