The Christmas and New Year Special Gifts event is an event that was held during the middle of Christmas 2011 with Santa Claus's Quest. This event became available on December 22, 2011 and lasts until January 17, 2012.

Once per day, by logging in to Ninja Saga, the player's character will earn a Gingerbread Coin. These Gingerbread Coins can be used to pick up gifts and Tokens can be used as well. Players can pick up 1 gift for 1 Gingerbread Coin or 10 Tokens, 5 gifts for 5 Gingerbread Coins or 50 Tokens, or 10 gifts for 10 Gingerbread Coins or 100 Tokens.

Special Gifts

There are many gifts (or prizes) that players can have a chance to earn.

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