Christmas Saviour
Christmas Saviour
Description Complete all Christmas tasks
OpenFeint's description Complete all Christmas tasks
Feint points 20 Feint Score
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Christmas Saviour (can also be spelled as Christmas Savior) is an iOS achievement that can be completed by completing every Christmas mission, upgrade the Icy Shuriken to maximum rank with Christmas resources, and obtaining all Christmas-related items during the Christmas 2011 event in version 1.1.20. Completing every Christmas 2011 mission and obtaining Christmas resources for Icy Shuriken can only be done in version 1.1.20 and collecting every Christmas item can be done by the end of version 1.1.21.

This achievement was introduced in version 1.1.20 on December 17, 2011 when the Christmas 2011 event was released on the iOS.


  • This is one of the two achievements that only appear on OpenFeint in the Android version but is impossible to be able to complete. The other is Level 2.
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