Christmas event 2016
Time-Limited Event avilability
Event Name  : Christmas event 2016
Date Start  : December 20, 2016
Date End  : unknown or ongoing
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Ninja Carnival Christmas event 2016 8th Anniversary
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Christmas event are seasonal event, will release every year for Christmas, usually appears in arround Real Christmas event time. Each Christmas event ussually contain different task, reward, and other limited content. But, there is a small chance to re-appears an existing (and limited) stuff ever release by provious event, called classic reward.

This seasonal event first available on Dec 20, 2016. Some fiture has different releasing date, the battle fiture was available earlier. "Mini game" and package set available later on December 24, 2016, and another ones comming soon.

when Christmas event start, previous 7th Anniversary event still active And they available together for a several days, untill (7th Anniversary) closed earlier, and this event closed later.





ENERGY (Battle heart).
Free Users and Emblem User's have 5 Heart and 8 Heart capacity. Whenever the user is playing the event battle, Number of Heart will be deducted according the requirement, then the timer will start counting and heart will be refilled again one per hour and stop when reach maximum capacity. Also, you can optional to use 30 tokens to refill battle hearts into maximum capacity. THERE ARE NO other options to refill the energy such as asking your friend or using Energy Capsule; both of them are disabled.

Other running event ENERGY (Battle heart)

There are possibility of two event available together, when the previous event doen't end (still available) after the next event start. Meanwhile, Even TWO battle event (that have battle heart) available together, Each event have individual ENERGY (Battle heart) and doesn't NOT share energy between provious Soul Forest energies and Christmas 2016 energies. Its mean, an/any other running event energies will not deduc'ted when Christmas 2016 battle has start.

Battle and Material(s).
Battle an enemies to obtaining Red ornament, Green ornament, Blue ornament, or Yellow ornament by random chance. May Each enemies have different material. Select one specific enemy to battle and get expected material (by randomly) from it. The material obtained stored material inventories and it use capacity of inventories.

Mini Game

The Mini Game takes the form of a simple written test where players were given 8 questions about Christmas. Each question consists of 4 answers (either A,B,C,D). Player must choose the right answer and the total correct answers will be calculated at the end of the test. Player will be rewarded with Christmas Gingerbread (material) depending on player's score. Higher score provides greater reward based on the following table.

Achievement Score Reward
0 correct answers x0 Christmas Gingerbread
 ? correct answers x1 Christmas Gingerbread
Excellent 5 ~ 7 correct answers x2 Christmas Gingerbread
Perfect All 8 correct answers x3 Christmas Gingerbread


During event, players must collect enough specific materials to obtain the following rewards:

Icon Reward Name Gear Description Obtained by
50px Christmas Cracker Genjutsu Level:1

Play Christmas cracker with your bunshin. Inflicts "Flaming" for 3 turns. "Flaming" - reducing target HP and CP by 5% for each turn.

Exchanging the following materials at Materials Market during Christmas 2016:
50px Ice Spirit (I) Weapon Level:40

Increase 20% accuracy. 15% chance to freeze target with weapon attack. (Frozen target can't move but -80% damage taken in 1 turn)

Exchanging the following materials at Materials Market during Christmas 2016:
50px Ice Spirit (II) Weapon Level:60

Increase 32 Accuracy. 25% chance to freeze target with weapon attack. (Frozen target can't move, but -80% damage taken for 2 turns). Reduce target 20% CP on every weapon attack.

Exchanging the following Material at Materials Market during Christmas 2016:


Christmas 2016 Package

Ninja Package

Chirstmas 2016 Ninja Package
Christmas Treasure Sword Increase accuracy by 18%. Restore 3% every turn. Inflict burning when attack with weapon - Reduce 3% for 2 turns. 399 tokens
Chirstmas Treasure Bag Effect: Increase agility by 1.  399 tokens
Chirstmas Ninja Suit Christmas Ninja Suit 1000000 gold
Chirstmas Ninja Hairstyle (Hair Style) 1000000 gold

Skill Package

Chirstmas 2016 Skill Package
Kinjutsu: Snow Dragon Rush (Kinjutsu) Blinds the target with unmelting ice. Reduces target's damage and agility by 50% for 3 turns.  5599 tokens for free users and 2799 for emblem users.


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