The Christmas 2010 event is a Christmas event. The event includes several seasonal event missions and have a world boss called Gingerbrat.

X'mas: The Christmas Painting

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X'mas: The Christmas Painting is a seasonal event Daily mission from this event. In this mission, it is revealed that Kenta, the Blacksmith, is also a painter. Kenta made some painting and wanted to gift them to his friends on Christmas. But he made some mistakes on every copy so he wanted the player to help him stop the errors he made.

The objective of this mission is to find 5 different spots on the copies of the paintings. There are two levels in the mission and they both last for 80 seconds each. If the timer goes to 0 on any level, the mission fails.


Main article: Gingerbrat

Gingerbrat is a Rank S World Boss from this event that can be battled by evel 5 or higher ninja and its level is the same as the ninja. Its HP and CP are 500 times the ninja's level.

Defeating the Gingerbrat will reward the ninja 1,000 Gold and XP and 1 pinecone and may reward the player a Giant Spoon, Fork, or Knife as well as magatama between levels 1-5.




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