Chiyo (チヨ)  is a female non-player character who runs the Style Shop inside the Headquarters. She is the grandmother of Hokage Yudai, Ken, Aiko,[1], Anaki,[2] and is the great grandmother of Norobi.[3] She could also be the grandmother or the grandaunt of Vadar. From time to time, she gives you missions in the Mission Room.

Chiyo first appeared in the Grade C Mission "Grandmother's Gift". In the Grandmother's Gift, it is her granddaughter's birthday and she reserved a Pearl Kunai from a jeweler for her granddaughter. Since Chiyo didn't have enough time to get the Pearl Kunai for Aiko since she wanted to make an ice-frosted cake for Aiko, so the main character helped Chiyo to get the Pearl Kunai for her and as a reward, Chiyo reserved a piece of cake for the character.

Chiyo was also the examiner of Stage 4 of the Jounin Campaign, which takes place at the Temple of Elements.

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Chiyo could be based off of Pinako Rockbell from Full Metal Alchemist.


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