Chakra Points (CP or Chakra) is the amount of points that are used to cast skills, including Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Talent skills. In other role-playing games, this is considered to be a player's "Magicka" or "Mana".

If a player has low or no chakra, the player cannot use a skill with a CP cost that is higher than the player's current CP. However, a player can use a skill, such as Kinjutsu: Fire Energy Excitation, to reduce CP consumption to 0.

Increasing CP

A player can increase their maximum CP by leveling up. For each level up, the player's maximum CP increases by 40 points. The player can also increase his/her maximum CP by adding attribute points to the Water attribute, which increases the player's maximum CP by 30 points. Maximum CP can also be increased by learning and upgrading the Dark Eye talent skill, Meridian Strengthen.

Increasing maximum CP is important to Thunder-element users as Thunder Ninjutsu costs a lot of chakra to use.

Recovering CP

CP can be recovered by charging. "Charge" is an action that recovers the user's current CP by a quarter amount of his/her maximum CP. Upgrading the the Dark Eye talent skill Meridian Strength increases the amount of points recovered by charging. This is useful for Thunder-element users.

Besides charging, a player can recover CP by normal attacking or using Chakra Scrolls.

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