Bone Carnage Technique
Bone Carnage Technique
Type Taijutsu
Level 45
Chakra 10
Damage 368
Cooldown 8
Cost No price
Skill None
Training Time Can't learn from academy
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friend

A technique combines by secret weapon and Taijutsu. Target causes bleeding effect. (Bleeding +10% damage taken for 3 turns)

Additional effect(s)

Inflict Bleeding on the target: The target to take 10% extra damage from attacks for 3 turns.

Obtained by

Receiving it as a random prize as a second prize from the Golden Ninja Scratch Card between July 24, 2012 and August 15, 2012.

This skill returned during Christmas 2014, and can be obtained by luck in the Christmas Gacha.

This skill returned again for a limited time and can be obtained by luck in the Ema Draw featured in the village during Halloween 2015.

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  • This skill was mistakenly labeled as a Genjutsu at one time. However, it has been fixed and is now labeled as Taijutsu.
  • This is the second event Taijutsu that does not have "Kinjutsu" in its name.
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