"The Blood Ghost loves to come out during full moon nights. His attack is unbelievably strong!"
Blood Ghost
Blood Ghost is a horned demon who appears in the Hunting House in the iOS version. He is a level 35 Rank C world boss and he always appears with 1 Blood Boar. He utilizes Fire Ninjutsu.

Appears in

Hunting House

  • Rank C
    • Level 35 - Blood Ghost

Possible Rewards

2,000 XP, 1,200 Gold


  • Fiery Cross Blade: A fiery X-slash attack. Deals damage.
  • Fiery Blade: An attack that is similar to Raising Fire Fist, except it is a downward, fiery slash attack. Deals damage.
  • Deep Claw:An attack with his claw. Deals damage.
  • Horn Attack: An attack with his horns. Deals damage.
  • Attack: An attack with his fist. Deals Damage.
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