Stage 2-2: Battle off! Homunculus Ninjas!
Battle off! Homunculus Ninjas!
Type Sennin Campaign
Level 80
Emblem? No



You've encountered a homunculus...his anatomy is too different, perhaps Genjutsu is no use against him.


Walking around, touch enemy to engage in battle.


2 Battles

  • Asura Realm Battle 1 - 870 XP, 663 Gold
    • White Puppet (Lv. 80)
    • Asura Realm (Lv. 80)
    • White Puppet (Lv. 80)
  • Asura Realm Battle 2 - 870 XP, 663 Gold
    • White Puppet (Lv. 80)
    • Rage Asura Realm (Lv. 80)
    • White Puppet (Lv. 80)



Before Battling Asura Realm

  • (Character): Damn! I'm too late, they've destroyed this area as well!
  • Unnamed Village Girl: Some... Somebody please help me...
  • (Character): Are you okay? (Wait, this is not a sense of a human being...)
  • Asura Realm: Take this!!
  • Asura Realm: Hmm, surprising. You avoided my attack. It's my first time to miss.
  • White Puppet: Master Asura Realm, this guy seems really strong.
  • (Character): (Luckily I have been training from the secret book!)
  • (Character): (And, this enemy doesn't seem human, my Genjutsu are useless against him...)

Before 2nd Battle with Asura Realm

  • (Character): That battle was different. Good thing I managed to defeat him.
  • (Character): (But something's wrong, what's this feeling?)
  • Asura Realm: Fool! Do you think it would be that easy to defeat me?!
  • (Character): What?! You?!
  • Asura Realm: (turns into Rage Asura Realm) HAHA! I haven't used my true power for quite a while! Come on, human!!


After Defeating Asura Realm

  • Asura Realm: *cough* You may have defeated me, but my partner is a whole lot stronger than I am.


  • Be well-prepared and aware of this battle as Genjutsu is useless against the Asura Realm and his recruits and Genjutsu is the most used type of jutsu to take down bosses.
  • Some genjutsu seems to work, like Falling Leaf Illusion and Five Elements Consuming Seal. Be careful of his outrageous reactive force chance with the latter, though, as it will likely one-shot you without eye of mirror.
  • If possible, bring a HP absorption back item, like the Taurus Wand, to make the battle quicker and to absorb HP when in danger.
  • If possible, bring a weapon that burns the target's HP by a percent to speed up the battle.
  • Prepare some HP burning Taijutsu as this is the best options to defeat the Asura Realm and is key to passing this stage.
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