Please note that this is an article on the Rank C World Boss in the mobile version, if you are looking for the article on the Rank B World Boss in the web version then you should head to Ape King. For other uses, see the disambiguation page
"Ape King lives in forest outside the village. He is extremely dangerous, and dislike human enter his private space."
Ape king
Ape King is a level 21 Rank C boss in the Hunting House of the mobile version of Ninja Saga. The Ape King is good at offense and stunning the player.

Possible Rewards

800 XP, 440 Gold


  • Angry Bellow: Inflict Stun on the target for 3 turns.
  • Power Release: Uses the power of lightning to increase his attacks. Casts 'Attack Rise' for 4 turns.
  • Attack: Punches the enemy so hard. Deals damage.
  • Spin Fist: A spinning punch attack. Deals damage.
  • Heavy Fist: A heavy punch attack. Deals damage.


  • The Ape King Boss in Ninja Saga iOS has white fur. However, there is another Ape King that has brown fun in the Rank B Mission "Earth Ninja's Request"
  • He has a back item which consists of two purple snakes.
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