Aoi (あおい) is the girlfriend of Kinta. Together with Kinta, there are known as the Ninja Couple. She uses Water Release Ninjutsu. She was mentioned by Kinta during the Daily Mission "The Promise".

She also appeared in Stolen Magatama 3 telling the main character that some hooligan is are selling rare magatama in the Clan district.

She was also a world boss during the Hanami Festival along with Kinta and Irata with the same level as the player's character level.

Aoi appeared in the Ninja Scratch Card when the grand prize reward was 1,000 Tokens, then she was replaced by Shin in the Scratch Card.

Appears in

Special Events

Daily Missions

Hanami Festival

  • Level 5+ Rank S world boss


  • Water Release: Water Shield: Cast Protection.
  • Water Release: Seaweed: Summons two seaweed to catch the enemy. Deals damage and inflict Stun.
  • Water Release: Water Kunai: Throw two water-enhanced kunai. Deals damage.
  • Water Release: Healing Wave: Form a water bubble. Recover HP.
  • (Upward Kunai slash): Deals damage.


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