Anaki(アナキ)  is the stepbrother of Hokage Yudai,[1] Ken,[1] and Aiko,[2] the adoptive grandson of Chiyo,[3] and the step-cousin of Vadar.[4] He is a level 35 ninja who serves under Kojima. He is the adoptive grandson of Chiyo.

He first appears in Part 4 of the Chunin Campaign with Kojima and they kidnap Ken. Yudai seems worried about him. In part 5, the main character, along with Shin and Genzu battles Kojima and Anaki. After the battle Kojima and Anaki escaped but they left Ken.

He and Kojima later appeared after the Jounin Campaign, seeking for the Orochi scroll, and creating undead puppets using Kinjutsu: Dead Bone Puppet to attack the Hidden Fire Village while they escape. However, the undead puppets didn't last long so Anaki used Kinjutsu: Dead Resurrection World to revive dead ninja but Genzu stopped them and engaged battle with him.

Appears in


Special Events


  • HP : 1860
  • CP : 1860
  • Agility: 50


These are Anaki's skills during the Chunin Exam at the level of 35.

  • Casualty Puppet: Deals 200 damage.
  • Normal Attack: Deals 60-70 damage.
  • Lightning Energy Explosion: Deals 200 damage.

Non-combat skills

These are skills that Anaki used during the scenes and descriptions but not during the battles.

  • Kinjutsu: Dead Bone Puppet: He used this to summon undead puppets to attack the Hidden Fire Village.
  • Kinjutsu: Dead Resurrection World: He used this to summon undead ninja.
  • Body Replacement Technique: He used this to substitute his body and escape after the Chunin Campaign.
  • Kinjutsu: Feather Illusion: He used this to make Ken to fall asleep during the Chunin Campaign.



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