Aiko (アイコ)  is the sister of Hokage Yudai,[1] Ken,[2] stepsister of Anaki,[3] granddaughter of Chiyo,[4], aunt of Norobi,[5] and a cousin of Vadar.[6] Although she is Chiyo's granddaughter, she calls Chiyo "mum".[7] She use to work at the Arena in the PvP lobby before Live PvP was re-released in late 2011.

She first appeared in the Special Event misson "Fierce Cat" (which no longer in Ninja Saga[8]), saying that she was the younger sister of Kage Yudais a "mysterious beast" that was causing people to panic the day before and Aiko wanted the main character to get rid of it.

She appeared in the Mother's Day 2009 seasonal mission "Happy Mother's Day" and needed help finding her brothers and have them to sign a card for their grandmother.

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