The Academy, where the Advanced Academy is located.

The Advanced Academy is the Social Network Site version of the Advanced Jutsu Facility from the iOS version of Ninja Saga. However, unlike the Advanced Jutsu Facility, where any skill can be ranked up, only Ninjutsu that are Kinjutsu can only be upgraded in the Advanced Academy, except for the Level 60 Kin-Ninjutsu.

Kin-Ninjutsu can be upgraded to stronger versions in the Advanced Academy a certain amount of times (depending on level). There are 6 grades of Level 10 Kin-Ninjutsu, 5 grades of Level 20 Kin-Ninjutsu, 4 grades of Level 30 Kin-Ninjutsu, 3 grades of Level 40 Kin-Ninjutsu, and 2 grades of Level 50 Kin-Ninjutsu. Each upgrade increases the effect, chakra consumption, cooldown, and damage, and increases level requirement by 10 of the previous grade.

Cost of Upgrading

Level Token Cost
10 - 20 100
20 - 30 150
30 - 40 200
40 - 50 250
50-60 300



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